Minkebe National Park in Gabon is home to 40,000 forest elephants that are particularly attractive to poachers due to the pink tinge and hardness of their ivory. Between 2004 and the present approximately 11,000 elephants in that one park alone have been slaughtered for their precious ivory tusks. It was estimated that in 2011 between 50 and 100 elephants were murdered every single day.

Many arrests that are made end in nothing because government officials have personal stakes in the ivory trade.

This quote puts it best: "If we do not turn the situation around quickly, the future of the elephant in Africa is doomed”

There is information on the petition page as to what exactly it hopes to achieve.

For more information on elephant poaching in Africa try here and here, Here is the link to the original article. Further information, along with other petitions can be found here.

This is important guys and there are only about 18 days left to sign the petition.

So please, please sign and tell your friends about this. Please reblog and boost the signal. Please help to save these beautiful, majestic creatures from almost inevitable extinction.